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Polaris Engineering Services PLLC

John Favorite, the Founder/President of Polaris Engineering Services, is a highly skilled and licensed Professional Engineer with over 30 years of experience in various industries including Steel Fabrication, Lumber, Plastics, Industrial Coatings, Machining, and Construction. With his extensive engineering expertise, John has consistently introduced groundbreaking solutions for machine and process design throughout his career. He possesses a wide range of capabilities encompassing product development, project management, plant management, machine design, controls, automation, and robotics. Additionally, John has excelled as a Lean Manager, demonstrating his dedication to Lean principles by eliminating wasteful practices and delivering the value that customers expect and desire.

In today's unprecedented era characterized by a challenging labor market, unpredictable supply chains, and rising costs in all sectors, John, as the leader of Polaris Engineering Services PLLC, is fueled by a deep commitment to his clients. He is driven by a passion for creating optimal and innovative long-term solutions that enhance the overall success of his customers' businesses.

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